Friday, August 31, 2012


"These are a few of my FAVORITE things..." this song is playing in my head while I'm writing this post! :)
Football season has officially kicked off with the GAMECOCKS with a big "W" last night 17-13 vs. Vandy!  The next eleven games with be adorned with my "Favorite Things." It's definitely my favorite time of year with boots, garnet, & tailgating! 



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gift Tracking! AH!

After invitations are sent out and bridal showers are hosted, you have a HUGE list of Thank You Cards to write! I wanted to make sure I was organized before the time came.

I ordered monogrammed cards from Vista Print, a set with my monogram and a set with our new "married" monogram. I planned to use my monogram cards for bridal shower gifts, and pre-wedding occasions.

For wedding gifts, we would use our "married" monogrammed cards. <--that's a tongue twister "Married Monogrammed"

My guest are already listed on the Detailed Guest List. After receiving a gift, I would note what the gift was and there is a check box to check off when a thank you card was sent! FABULOUS!

It's a very overwhelming task to make sure everyone receives a thank you card, and at a decent time. This process help me a lot to stay on top of the cards, and as soon as we received a gift--I "tried" to write a thank you card right away!

Friday, August 24, 2012

One Month Checklist

We are finally at the One Month Mark! AHH--bring on the checklists! The comes a point in wedding planning about 2-3 months out that you are in a "I've got all the big things accomplished," but before the "All the small things have to be finished NOW" mood. I'm now at the second mood, where it has to be finished today! :) We are out of time, and the wedding is fast approaching! Thank You Knot for keeping me sane! Here's what left of the major checklist:

o    Finalize your rental list (tables, chairs, and any other extras). 
Just need a few more tablecloths! WAHOO!

o    Make all honeymoon travel reservations, including your flights and rooms. 

o    Buy reception bar essentials (if you're providing your own).
o    Arrange day-of transportation for you, your wedding party, and guests.

o    Finish your ceremony programs.

o    Submit your newspaper wedding announcement (if you were planning to).

o    Confirm out-of-town guest hotel reservations. 

o    Finalize your ceremony vows.

o    Finish up your ceremony programs.
o    Send out rehearsal dinner invitations.

o    Wrap all gifts for the wedding party and write each attendant a nice note.

o    Brides: Get your final haircut, if necessary. 

o    If you are changing your name, work on all the paperwork to make it happen
o    Decide on your "something old, new, borrowed, and blue. 

o    Email your bridal party with essential wedding weekend info (dates, times, directions).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

Aubrey is a First Grader, which is so hard to believe! We attended her Open House on the 9th, and met her teacher Mrs. Kelly. She seems very sweet, which Aubrey will enjoy all school year. We shipped her off to her first day of school by walking her to her classroom.

She wanted to get something special for Mrs. Kelly. Of course it was Pinterest inspired!

teacher gift teacher-gifts 
She's ready to go at 6am! AH!

Sorry this is Grant's picture taking while I'm doing last minute things.

 Once again, Grant's photography skills! :) But Amy & Kacy are ready to go too.

Grant picked her up in car line, and she had a fabulous first day!

Aquarium Birthday Trip

Aubrey's 6th Birthday came & went too fast! I still remember all the planning of her 5th birthday like it was yesterday. This year we decided to keep things "simple" enough, and take her to the Georgia Aquarium for her birthday! She has never been to an aquarium so we thought it would be perfect! We made a day trip out of it, and enjoyed it tremendously! We bought our tickets online--definitely a must! We jumped right to the front of the line, and started our sightseeing.

The moving sidewalk, it was definitely a favorite!
The stingray "touch" tank. Aubrey told Grant he couldn't touch any because they would bite! :)
Look who we found, NEMO!

The trip was amazing! It was perfect for both children & adults. Aubrey said "Best Birthday Present. Are we doing this every birthday?" I guess that means it was a success! 

Invitations, Invitations, Invitations

The largest project of a wedding...INVITATIONS! Ours finally left our home at the two and 1/2 month mark. This has been a project I've been working on for months! I found the template here. After getting the colors from our wedding (chocolate, orange, pink, & green) then adding glue plus some chocolate card stock! WA LA, our invitations were done! The response cards printed on card stock as well, and placed into hot pink envelopes! The hot pink envelopes addressed and stamped were placed into the chocolate envelopes addressed and stamped and SENT OFF!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Welcome! I've been wanting to start a blog for months now, and finally the day is here! I thought it would be such a neat idea to have a journey of our wedding planning to the beginning of our new life. I absolutely love doing anything involving planning so wedding planning is a huge passion of mine. As we start this journey, they'll be lots of wedding planning involved plus house adventures, crafting, and anything involving organizing stuff! We'll I hope you can sit back, enjoy, and find some new ideas for your life!