Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gift Tracking! AH!

After invitations are sent out and bridal showers are hosted, you have a HUGE list of Thank You Cards to write! I wanted to make sure I was organized before the time came.

I ordered monogrammed cards from Vista Print, a set with my monogram and a set with our new "married" monogram. I planned to use my monogram cards for bridal shower gifts, and pre-wedding occasions.

For wedding gifts, we would use our "married" monogrammed cards. <--that's a tongue twister "Married Monogrammed"

My guest are already listed on the Detailed Guest List. After receiving a gift, I would note what the gift was and there is a check box to check off when a thank you card was sent! FABULOUS!

It's a very overwhelming task to make sure everyone receives a thank you card, and at a decent time. This process help me a lot to stay on top of the cards, and as soon as we received a gift--I "tried" to write a thank you card right away!

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