Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aquarium Birthday Trip

Aubrey's 6th Birthday came & went too fast! I still remember all the planning of her 5th birthday like it was yesterday. This year we decided to keep things "simple" enough, and take her to the Georgia Aquarium for her birthday! She has never been to an aquarium so we thought it would be perfect! We made a day trip out of it, and enjoyed it tremendously! We bought our tickets online--definitely a must! We jumped right to the front of the line, and started our sightseeing.

The moving sidewalk, it was definitely a favorite!
The stingray "touch" tank. Aubrey told Grant he couldn't touch any because they would bite! :)
Look who we found, NEMO!

The trip was amazing! It was perfect for both children & adults. Aubrey said "Best Birthday Present. Are we doing this every birthday?" I guess that means it was a success! 

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