Monday, September 10, 2012

OOT Bags

OOT Bags-- If I wasn't into weddings, then I would be wondering "What in the WORLD?" :) OOT stands for Out of Town. I thought it would be nice to have a welcome bag at our out of town guest's hotel rooms or residences where they are staying.

It's a nice gesture to be greeted after a long trip by a little bag full of goodies! Here are some cute examples I have found:

oot bags
I love the sand buckets!

OOT Bags 
These personalized bags are adorable!!

oot bags 
I was impressed by the goodies!

Here's a look into our OOT bags. We don't have many out of town guests so we only prepared ten. 

2 Water Bottles (They were personalized with these labels & a monogrammed stamp ordered from Ebay.)
Brochures of our town & the park where our reception is located!
A Bookmark with our Town
Pin with our town's logo
Homemade Sweet Treats (Will add closer the week of)
The goodies in our bags.

Thanks to my fabulous Mom for putting them together!

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