Monday, October 15, 2012


I have officially been MIA for over a month, and I'm so sorry! Life has officially been crazy the past month, and we're so excited to finally be settled! In the past month, we have gotten married--traveled to Mexico & had two birthdays! I plan to catch everyone up on our life this week!

We left for our honeymoon Sunday morning immediately following our wedding. We adventured to Cancun, Mexico for four nights! We had an absolute blast! The experience to remember was definitely the catamaran trip we took to a smaller island and went snorkeling in the middle of the ocean! It was an experience. :) I'll share some pictures below!

 {The beach in front of our hotel.}

 {Leaving Cancun on the catamaran.}

 {Grant so excited to hold the shark.}

 {Gypsy Breeze our transportation for the day.}

 {Traveling by golf cart.}

{Where we spent most of our time. :)}

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