Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Command Center

Command Center...what is a command center? This is what my husband was asking me when I asked him to paint a wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint! :)

Now, it has become part of our daily routine! 

I went through many items to put on ours, and have finally found the items we need to fit our lifestyle! Along I am SURE it will change again! :)

Our Command Center includes:

-Monthly calendar (I print a few months ahead so I can see upcoming months as well.)

I'm keeping my eyes open for their 2015 calendar to be released! :)

-Weekly Calendar (This one is inside a frame for us to use as a dry erase.)

-Weekly Menu (I only plan for dinners, do this menu was perfect for us because I didn't need lunch and breakfast on it. It also has a shopping list, which is awesome!)

                                                                    {Found HERE}

-To Do List

-Attachable Bar for mail and other papers.

-Section for each family member for important reminders

I'm super excited to finally find a format that works for us! It definitely took many tries! 

How to you keep your family organized? 

What would you add I the command center? (One thing I want to add is a place to store chalk and dry erase markers.) 

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