Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Treats

Do you need a LAST minute Halloween treat for your child's class? your own students? Neighbors? Friends? 

These can be used for ANYONE 
& are super CuTe 
& super easy!!

Genius Halloween Treat for the Kiddos- they have 15 packs of them at the dollar store!! Parents can keep an eye on them when it's dark- and what kid doesn't like glow sticks!?!!

I doing these for Aubrey's class this year! They have packs of 5 glow sticks at the Dollar Tree! :)

Easy Party Favor Using Cupcake Liner and Clear Treat Bag, adaptable for any holiday or occasion

Halloween Marshmallow treat bags

Marshmallow Ghosts:
These are cute and easy here is what you need:
.  Pretzel bags
.  Black permanent marker
.  Bag of mini marshmallows (one bag made approx 10 ghosts)
.  Some cute holiday ribbon

FREE Halloween printables
{Download HERE}

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Print these bag toppers. 
Add some treats to a sandwich bag, then staple the bag toppers to the bag. 
WA-LAH...super cute treat!

TREAT your teachers! FREE TAGS

{Blooms Design HERE}

I'm making these for Aubrey's teachers with candy & a gift card! 

Hope ya'll have a great Halloween Week!!

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